Sexy Fun Advice Toys Toy Review: Adam’s Glass Prostate Massager – by Adam & Eve

Toy Review: Adam’s Glass Prostate Massager – by Adam & Eve

This was actually one of the first prostate toys that I ever bought. I tried it several times and really had zero success with it at all. That being said, I was brand new to prostate play and had no idea what I was doing, so into a drawer it went to be forgotten about until recently. One day, after I had learned the techniques with other toys and could get a P-Gasm pretty easily, I remembered this beautiful piece of forgetting art was sitting nearby. I put some lube on it and inserted it….well…you are going to have to read one to see how things went.

Let’s talk about the toy itself

The Adam’s Glass Prostate Massager is really a gorgeous piece of glass. Its super smooth, black gloss look is really something to see. Glass also holds temperature pretty well, so this allows you to warm it up or cool it down, at room temperature it will have a cooling feel to it.


  • Made from black glass
  • Tapered tip for easy entry
  • Gently curved for P-Spot stimulation
  • Slim neck to keep it in place
  • Cool or warm it for temperature play
  • Ring-shaped handle for easy use
  • 6.5″ long x 1.37″ wide x 4.5″ insertable

At almost 1.4″ wide near the tip, this is a little larger than most of the beginner toys out there so it might not be something you want to start with, but if you are a little more experienced and are looking for some extra size, this might be the ticket for you.


Let’s get to the meat of the matter here, did it do the job? Back to the story at the beginning…I put some lube on it, and it inserted quite easily, I could feel the pressure on my prostate immediately. I decided to lay down on the bed and see how things would go. At this point, I have been really enjoying the Aneros Helix Syn Trident, the small size really moves around and has provided some amazing P-Gasms. The Adam’s Glass Prostate Massager didn’t have the same amount of movement, but the larger size and added weight were really hitting the spot. Within only a few minutes, the waves were really coming on strong, my body was shaking and my penis was throbbing. What an absolutely amazing orgasm!


I’ll be the first to say that this may not be for everyone or at least not as their first prostate toy. The larger size may be difficult to insert for a newbie and it takes more muscle control to be able to use it effectively. Some people may look at the ring on it and think it is a good thrusting toy, but the fast taper under the bulb may not be enjoyable.

I think that for someone who has some experience and knows how to use a prostate massager, then this really should be in the toolbox. The size and weight are quite interesting and the results can be downright mind bending.


  • Beautiful design
  • Smooth glass surface
  • Great size and weight
  • Temperature play
  • Takes less lube than silicon


  • Probably not good for a beginner
  • The ring handle is a little small, I have a bit of anxiety about sucking it in
    (I may add a leather strap or something to it for safety)
  • Being made of glass, there is no “give” to the material, which may be uncomfortable for some people

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