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Aneros Vice 2 Prostate Massager

Aneros is most well known for their Helix Syn Trident prostate massager models, and the Helix Syn V is their most popular vibrating toy. However, they have another product that is less known, and is a big departure from the rest of their product lines. The Vice 2 is a larger toy and with two motors, can deliver some very unique patterns.

The Vice 2 comes with the main unit, the remote, and cables to charge both


The design feels like a girthier version of the Helix Trident series with a soft silicon outer layer and features the two-tab design for some precise pressure points. The remote is simple with three prominent buttons and one rather hidden button (more on this later).

By doing a simple contraction, VICE 2 pivots inward and upward stimulating the male G-spot (prostate), anus, perineum and K-spot simultaneously.

The remote is a testament to good design. Holding down the power button for a few seconds will turn the remote on and off and a tap on it will toggle between four power levels. The pattern select buttons will allow you to scroll back and forth through 18 different patterns. The interesting bit here is a pressure sensitive button on the tip, called the Joy button. Pushing on the joy button will disengage the current pattern and activate both motors for an intense push. The more you push down on it, the stronger the vibrations.


As I said earlier, the Vice 2 is larger than the other Aneros products. The Vice 2 certainly has some girth to it with the head being 1.2″ and the Mid Range Width at 1.3″. In comparison, the largest part of the Helix Syn is the head at 0.92″.

A – Head Width: 1.2 in
B – Head Depth: 1.3 in
C – Mid Ridge Width: 1.2 in
D – Mid Ridge Depth: 1.3 in
E – Stem to Perineum: 1.5 in
F – Insertable Length: 4.5 in


Before you can use the Vice 2, you need to charge it for at least two hours. The charger connects to the base of the Vice 2 with a magnetic connection. A flashing light on the bottom will indicate that it is charging, and it is fully charged when the light is solid.

To turn on the Vice 2, push the power button on the bottom. Subsequent taps will rotate through the 18 different patterns. Hold the power button for two seconds to turn it off. The remote control unleashes the full potential of the Vice 2 with access to all 18 patterns, 4 power levels, and the Joy button. To use the remote, first turn on the Vice 2 normally, then hold the power button on the remote for 2 seconds to turn it on or off. Note: Turning off the remote also turns off the Vice 2.

Who is the Vice 2 for?

Aneros states that the Vice 2 is for intermediate or advanced users and I think this recommendation is spot on. There is a lot going on here that I think makes this a poor choice for a beginner. To start off with, it is a larger toy. Beginner users are going to find it uncomfortable to insert and hold in place. Secondly, it is not a good passive device like Aneros’ other models. Third, starting off with something that vibrates is not a good way to learn.

Let me ‘splain….and granted, this is all my opinion, based on my experience combined with what many others have said online. I always recommend a passive (non-powered) device to start with. When you are learning how to accept stimulation from the prostate, the sensations can be very subtle, with a vibrating toy, you can completely miss these early stepping stones. Learning good technique with a passive toy will help you to enjoy a toy like the Vice 2 to its fullest extent.


As with any sex toy, this has to be prefaced with “your mileage may vary“. I would consider myself more of intermediate user, I have plenty of experience with prostate toys and stimulation so using the Vice 2 wasn’t anything I needed to work up to or had any issues with, while this may not be the case with a beginning user. Since the Vice 2 is bigger than most of my toys, lubing up the toy doesn’t work well as the lube tends to get scrapped off during insertion. I found the best method was to use a lube shooter to get plenty of lube up inside and then do a very light coating of lube just for insertion. This combo was the magic button.

The 18 different patterns are pretty much all good, from a steady hum, to a rumble, to some mixed patterns. The four power levels go from “oh yeah” to “OH DAMN!”.

Now here’s the secret sauce….just as you are on the top of a p-wave or feel you are reaching to peak of a sensation, grab the remote and when you push down on the joy Button….be prepared for the closest thing to a religious experience. I mean, seriously, holy shit balls!! I was already having a great time and could feel it was going to hit a peak any second. When I grabbed some joy button, my prostate might as well been hooked up to electrical wires. Extremely strong sensations rocketed throughout my body! Just amazing!

I found the choice of lube to be fairly important with the Vice 2. The LubeLife Hybrid was my absolute favorite. GoLove lube is often quite good with prostate toys but I had a lot of trouble keeping it inserted, it would slip out very easily. I didn’t have the same issue with other lubes. That said, regardless of lube, it was damned near impossible to keep it inserted when walking around. This is definitely a bed or couch toy and not a long-term, wear anywhere device.

Overall, I love the Vice 2, it will be a welcome addition to my toy collection, but, as I have said, I don’t think this is a beginner toy. To really enjoy it, you need to already be comfortable with larger toys, you should already have been getting regular prostate orgasms, and your pelvic floor needs to be strong. But…..when you are ready…..then absolutely upgrade to the Vice 2.

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