Sexy Fun Advice Toys Toy Review: Celani Automatic Male Masturbator

Toy Review: Celani Automatic Male Masturbator

As I said in my last male masturbator review, I had no experience with masturbator devices before and I was a bit underwhelmed with the last one, and I chalked it up to maybe not being my thing, as it did was it was supposed to do, I just didn’t enjoy it as much as I expected to. With that in mind, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot when this one came in, but, it was sent over to review, so review it I shall.


The toy doesn’t come with any instructions of what the different buttons do, but it states there are 7 sucking modes and 7 rotation modes. The only instructions are one of the graphics on the Amazon product page. The top button has the universal symbol for a power switch, you hold this one down for a while to turn the unit on. At the 3 o’clock position is the rotation button that toggles through the 7 different rotation settings. The mouth button on the bottom will cause the unit to suck for 4 seconds. The last button (M), at the 9 o’clock position toggles through 7 sucking modes.

The unit is 9.8″ tall x 3.2″ wide and has an insertable length of about 5.8″.

The system comes apart for easy cleaning. The company claims a waterproof rating of IPX7 which means it can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes. The headphones plug into the top and play recordings of a woman seemingly enjoying having sex. That personally didn’t do anything for me, but if you are trying to get into the moment, it might work for you.


For my first experience, I decided to try it in the shower. I got myself aroused and lubed up with some water-based lube and stepped into the shower. I powered the unit on, hit the mouth button, and put the head of my pecker up against the entrance….sloooooop….it sucked my schlong in like a Hoover taking in a ping pong ball…I actually gasped in shock for a second. The suction pulled me deeper into the bowels of this mechanical mouth…..ok…,,,,I guess that’s that….I am most certainly inside the machine. I hit the M button and could feel it trying to suck the life blood out of me. So far so good, let’s try out the rotation….I hit the button and the insides start spinning….OH.MY.GOD!!!!

The combination of the sucking action and the rotation was crazy! Within no time, I could feel an orgasm coming on but, for the first time with the device, I didn’t want to cum inside of it for easier cleanup. I go to pull the device off my pecker and…… dice….the suction is just too strong…I can’t pull out of it!! It’s spinning and sucking me like some sex demon hell bent on taking my poor pickle all for itself!! I manage to turn off the rotation as a came hard inside of it. But I still can’t get it off though!! I have no idea how to relieve the suction!! In desperation, I grab the top and middle to twist the unit open, instantly relieving the suction and allowing my drained dong to slide out. What an experience!! Hard to beat a good orgasm that also has a bit of mild panic as well.

Watching the product video, I found a brief segment that says to hold down the “hand” button in the middle of the control panel (I didn’t even realize this was a button) to “exhaust”, hopefully this is how to release the suction. I think some experimenting is in order before the next session to understand how to use it properly, but the first session was certainly impressive.

Additional Testing

Ok, so I looked at their product videos in detail, I figured out how the product worked, I tested it to make sure I knew what to expect and went at it again. Again, the suction is quite strong and felt like an extremely strong blow job with it pulsing and sucking my manhood deeper with each pulse. I played with different rotation settings and found a back & forth mode that I really liked. I just relaxed and let it do its job, and damned if it didn’t do it quite well!

At the end of the session, I hit the middle button to let it “exhale” and release the suction pressure, but it still took a little bit of effort to get out of it, but at least I wasn’t in a full blown panic like the first time.

I never thought I would enjoy a toy like this, but damn, it works SO well!

The Penis Pump Debate

Since the Celani Masturbator’s set of features includes a penis pump, and their marketing specifically points out better erections when using it, I wanted to touch on this subject briefly as it is quite a controversial topic. It is generally accepted that a penis pump can help you get an erection, but this is only temporary, they aren’t going to help you when you are not using it first, and there is no evidence that they can help you gain any length or girth.`

Penis pumps do work, but if you’re looking for a permanent increase in size, you’re out of luck. Pumps are designed to help you get and maintain a firmer erection. And, like all boners, pump-induced erections are temporary” –

Using a penis pump won’t cure erectile dysfunction, but it might create an erection firm enough for you to have sexual intercourse.” – Mayo Clinic

If you have trouble getting an erection, then using this toy, in conjunction with a cock ring may help you get, and keep, a strong erection.


I may not have been a big fan of masturbator toys in the past, but this one from Celani has certainly changed my mind. I didn’t need an excessive amount of lube, and the motors and suction are quite powerful. For an inexpensive male masturbator toy, this one most certainly gets the job done quite nicely and at a very reasonable prIce.


  • Very good construction
  • Powerful suction and rotation
  • Don’t need excessive amounts of lube
  • Amazing results


  • Unit is fairly large
  • Didn’t come with usable instructions

Amazon – $54.99

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