Sexy Fun Advice Toys Toy Review: Mansbatee Lower Torso Toy

Toy Review: Mansbatee Lower Torso Toy

A partial body torso toy is one of those toys that isn’t for everyone. But if this is the type of toy that you have been looking into, you know the prices can get quite expensive and the reviews of the lower priced ones can be pretty poor. When I was asked to review a torso toy, and I saw that it was just under $100, I’ll have to say that my expectations were pretty damned low. Similair products have reviews claiming everything from three holes, to the butthole being on the side of one of the butt cheeks. When the box finally arrived, I wasn’t sure what I would find.

Material and Quality

Let’s address the biggest issue here and that’s the material is TPE. I did a lot of research on this and the consensus is that TPE is perfectly fine for an application like this. Since there is much less risk of an infection on the exterior of a penis, than the interior of a vagina, TPE in this application should be perfectly fine.

The quality of the product is surprisingly good for being under $100. The whole thing may be a bit of the wiggly side as there doesn’t seem to be any internal support structure, but it isn’t too bad. The surface has a pretty good skin feeling. There is some kind of an oily residue on it that left blotches on my table while taking pictures and doing the review video, so you do want to wash the entire thing with warm, soapy water first.

How real does it look/feel?

Let’s be real here, if this doesn’t look and feel basically real, then what’s the point?

Ok, the photo might be a bit graphic, but I think you need more than my description to tell you that is looks fairly realistic. The lady parts are pretty basic, just a hold with one set of lips and no clitoris while the anus looks like…well….an anus. Inside, they have different textures in order to provide two different sensations. Weighing in at just a shade under 20lbs, it doesn’t slide around on you, and if you are bouncing it on you, it provides a great feeling.

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