Sexy Fun Advice Toys Njoy Pure Wand – Steel Magic or Myth?

Njoy Pure Wand – Steel Magic or Myth?

There are so many comments online and tons of videos about the Njoy Pure Wand that you would think the company just sent out hundreds of these metal wands in exchange for good reviews. Is it really as good as everyone says? Can a piece of metal really be a gift from the sexual gods? We put it to the test to find out.

For the Ladies

Despite the Njoy Pure Wand looking like some modern Ninja weapon, its use is all about subtlety. The Pure Wand is not a thrusting device like a dildo, it is its own unique tool. I put some lube on it (being metal, it can take any type of lube) and began massaging my partner’s labia up and down to get her (and it) warmed up. Being a solid chunk of steel, it will hold temperatures very nicely, some people will like it cold, some will like it warm, and room temperature will feel a little cold at first.

I slowly inserted the large end into her vagina with a slight moaning sound emanating from her. I held it so the end would rub against the top of her vagina. As I inserted it, I could feel it move into the softer tissue where the G spot is located. I began a gentle rocking motion from the outside which caused the end inside of here to put and release slight pressure on her G spot area. This was driving her wild! Adding a little clitoral stimulation with a finger and she had thee quickest and most intense orgasm I have ever seen from here. This has been my go to technique ever since.

For the Men

The Njoy Pure Wand is not a woman’s only toy…oh no, not by any means. The shape of the wand is perfect for prostate massaging as well. Most guys are going to want to start with the small end as it inserts extremely easy with a little lube, but the large end will make hitting the prostate easier, although its 1.5″ diameter might take a little getting used to as opposed to the smaller end at 1″.

Once she made contact with the prostate area, things began to happen quickly. I soon was leaking pre-cum and soon my world began to rock. I would swear that the wand had a vibrator in it felt like it was shivering inside of me. My body let go with an intense body orgasm that I have never felt before. After a few moments (or minutes, I had no sense of time) the feeling eased up a little and quickly started building again. Eventually, I couldn’t take any more and I had to ask her to stop as I was afraid I might pass out.

Some guys report excellent results using the Njoy Pure Wand solo. I wasn’t so lucky in my attempts as the wand is pretty heavy and was more of a distraction for me. I am going to continue trying as I was abe to get some pre-cum leakage, but just couldn’t keep going long enough to get to the next level.


I do feel we got very lucky on our first attempts with the Njoy Pure Wand. Some people take a few tries to get the hang of it as there can be a little learning curve since the action is more rocking than thrusting. As I had done some reading and reviews, I felt I understood the device and it worked amazingly well on the first try. This may not be the best choice as a first toy, but for anyone, or couple, that has a little experience with toys, it really does live up to the hype.

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