Sexy Fun Advice Toys Toy Review: Nothosaur Devil Fruit

Toy Review: Nothosaur Devil Fruit

Dildo designs seem to fall into three basic categories, realistic, non-realistic, and fantasy. In the fantasy category there is one company that stand out from the rest, and that is Nothosaur. What I really like about what Nothosaur does is to create a backstory on each of their products so that there is more of a fantasy story aspect to each product, rather than just coming up with interesting designs. Nothosaur reached out and asked if we would like to check out one of their products, and we decided to try the Devil Fruit as it isn’t completely crazy in design and it also seemed to be one of the smaller products.

Product Material

I had seen a complaint from an anonymous person about the quality of materials that Nothosaur uses. When I asked them about this, they assured me that they use certified edible platinum silicone and even sent over copies of the lab results to prove that their material is every single bit as good as they claim. You can read the results for yourself if you want (REACH Report) (ROHS Report).

We went with the soft material which is super soft, as a toy that I can use on my partner, it is perfect. If you wanted to put it on a shower wall and ride it, you will probably want the medium or firmer material.


I see so many different products that it is pretty hard to impressive me with something that really makes me go “Wow!” but the Devil Fruit exceeded any initial expectations I might have had. The color on it is just gorgeous and the text on it is just amazing. The finish is absolutely top-notch, there isn’t a flaw, defect, seam line, or anything to distract from the finish. The entire product is basically flawless.


As expected, the Devil Fruit did not fail to please. The soft material was easy to insert and my fiancé absolutely loved the feeling. Sure, it was big, the biggest toy in the collection to date, but it wasn’t overwhelming. It seriously hit all of the right spots for her.


First off, the Devil Fruit is $89.99, this is actually a pretty low price for a large fantasy dildo. At a price point like this, you would actually expect poor material quality, lackluster designs, and poor workmanship. Fortunately, you get none of those things from Nothosaur. I have never seen official material reports from other companies, the designs are awesome, and the finished product is near-perfect. The only things that keep these from being “for everyone” is that some people want more realistic looking dildos, and these may be too big for other people. In terms of pure value, there isn’t much out there that has this level of quality at this price point.

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