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My Favorite Prostate Toys for 2022

As this question gets asked a lot in different forums, I figured I would write something up with my favorite toys. This is going to go a little bit further than just giving a list, as I will go into detail about each one, the when and why I use it, and recommendations for use.

Top Prostate Toy List

Aneros Helix Syn – When you first see a device like the Helix, you think to yourself, “what the hell is this thing supposed to do?”. It is literally just a piece of silicon. There is no vibrator function, and it is obviously not made to be used like a dildo as there isn’t much to grab to use it for thrusting. The instructions say to use contractions to move the toy back and forth. I really struggled with this for a while until someone recommended I laid down on the bed, feet flat, ear buds in, and listened to the Mindgasm lessons. This taught me the muscle control I needed. After practicing through a few sessions, I started learning how to have the control and things started happening. Now, the Helix Syn is my favorite as I have a lot of control with it. I will often put it in about 1-2 hours before a session and go about my business. When I am ready to go lay on the bed or couch, my prostate is more than ready to comply with the stimulation and I can have very strong and long lasting orgasms. – [Our Review]

Heavy Hitters Prostate Plug (Medium) – This is quite a bit larger than the Aneros which has its pros and cons. On the upside, the size and weight feel amazing, but, they also limit how long I can be comfortable wearing it. If I am at home and, all of sudden everybody leaves and I find myself all alone and wanting to get in a session, than the Heavy Hitter will come out as its like using a nail gun vs a hammer. The Heavy Hitter’s weight and size will get things going pretty quickly and produce some great orgasms, but….I can’t go for two+ hours with it, it will just wear me out. – [Our Review]

plusONE Arc – While technically not a “prostate massager”, it is a curved vibrator with balls on either hand, one larger than the other. I originally bought this for my fiancé to try some different G-Spot toys, but we quickly learned it is very effective on a guy as well. Without the vibration on, you can most certainly massage your prostate and get incredible results. On those days when nothing is really working and I have kind of given up on a great prostate session, or I just want to have some quick fun, turning on the vibration can be pretty damned awesome with both some intense p-waves as well as assgasms from the vibrations. At only $40, and available either direct or from places like Walmart and Target, the plusONE products are affordable and readily available…..assuming your local stores can keep them in stock as they sell out very quickly. – [Our Review]

nJOY Pure Wand – Hard to beat cold steel! This takes some effort to use but when the universe aligns and you are in the zone…! The single most intense prostate orgasm I have had to date was with my fiancé using the Pure Wand on me. Even though it is just a curved chunk of steel, it felt like it had a vibrator in it as my body was quivering so hard. Of the ones on this list, it is by far the most expensive at over $140, it is the heaviest at close to 2 pounds, it is the largest of all of the toys listed, and probably takes the most time to perfect the technique with, but….damn….when you figure it out…it can be mind blowing. The cold steel inside your body is simply amazing and take very little lube because of the slick surface. – [Our Review]

Adam’s Glass Prostate Massager – I’m going to put this one down as being for intermediate and advanced prostate players. Once you are getting good prostate stimulation from other toys like the Aneros Helix, then advancing to the Glass Prostate Massager will really do wonders. Being a little thicker than some, and hard glass, it can take some getting used to for folks newer to sticking things up their bums, but the results are fantastic. This one never fails to disappoint and if I am already worked up, this will send me over the edge very quickly. There is very good reasons for this to be in my top picks. – [Our Review]


I hope you enjoyed my top 4 list of prostate toys, if you have any favorites that you want to share, please join the discussion on Reddit and let us know which ones you like.

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