Sexy Fun Advice Toys Toy Review: plusOne® dual vibrating Arc

Toy Review: plusOne® dual vibrating Arc

Not going to lie here, one of our favorite toys has been the Njoy Pure Wand. It’s shape and texture is just amazing for hitting both G & P spots. However, there are a few downsides to the Pure Wand, first…the price, it is the most expensive toy we have, and sometimes you just need a little extra “OOOMPH” to get you over the top. This is where the plusOne dual vibrating arc comes in.

plusOne Arc and nJoy Pure Wand Comparison

First off, the price! The arc retails for only $39.99 which pretty much puts it into the lowest price group for any sex toys. This low price is certainly cause for hesitation when any good vibrating toy is going to be at least $60 or more. However, the parent company, clio, is determined to bring high quality toys into the mainstream at affordable prices by using mass manufacturing and selling through “normal” retailers like Walmart and Target.

Material & Feel

The arc is made from body-safe silicone and the two ends are a bit flexible, giving it a really nice feel. The silicone takes any water-based lube extremely well. The arc is completely waterproof, so it can be used in the shower, or even fully submerged in the bathtub. The silicone itself has a nice thick feel too it and the entire unit has a really nice build quality. The small end is about 1″ and the large end is about 1.5″.


There are three controls on the unit. You hold down the center button for about 3 seconds to turn it on or off, then the outside button control 5 levels of vibration for either end of the arc, but only one side can be active at a time. Cleanup is easy with basic soap and water when using water-based lubes, which is the only type that should be used with the arc. Charging is done via a magnetic induction charger to help keep the unit completely waterproof.

P-Spot Massage

Wether you like a vibrating toy or not, the plusOne arc can be your goto for prostate massages. With solo-play, I struggle with non-active toys like the Pure Wand or the Aneros Helix, they just don’t seem to get me “there” fast enough. Using the small side for the first uses, the arc inserted easily and using the lowest vibration setting, it was not long before the waves of pleasure were coursing through my body giving me the best P-orgasms I have ever had. This is most certainly going to be worth some more experimenting with. My technique was to lay on my back, feet flat, knees up with the arc inserted to the first control button. Using controlled sphincter contraction to pull it in, hold it as long as I could, and then slowly release just made the arc hit the spot perfectly.

G-Spot Stimulation

Night fell on the household and I hinted that we should go to bed early. Once we were getting comfortable, I pulled out the arc. She was quite interested in the material as she always felt the nJoy Pure Wand just felt too cold for her. Now she has never liked vibrators before but was willing to try this as you can have one end inserted, but turn the vibration on the opposite side on, make for very subtle feelings. She gave it a hell of an effort and lasted longer than any other vibrator, but eventually asked me to turn it off. Now, my technique for using the arc is identical to the Pure Wand…once I had found the right spot, it only takes just rocking the toy back and forth to really stimulate the G-spot, combined with a little clit fingering, she was absolutely moaning into her pillow unlike anything I had ever seen before.


So, can a $40 vibrating toy be worth buying? Yes, absolutely, we are going to call this one a highly recommended product. With or without the vibration it can hit all of the right spots, the silicon is nice and body friendly. But….is there room for improvement? Sure there is, there is no perfect product and two things would really make this a total game changer. First off, more vibration modes. I find the 5 included ones are just a little too buzzy and I prefer a more deep rumble or even a thumping sensation. Secondly, a remote control. When you are doing solo play, getting your hand onto the right spot, especially when it is slick with lube, can be a tad tricky. While those two things would be nice improvements, it is really hard to find anything to gripe about considering the low price tag.

In some Walmarts and Targets you will find the plusOne products sitting on the shelves, in some markets, it may take a couple of days for then to ship one to you. I bought directly from the plusOne website as none of the stores in my area had any in stock.

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