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How to choose the right lube

Find two people (or often one) people who have regular sex and you will almost always find a bottle of lube nearby.

Why do you need lube?

Well, whenever you have two things that are rubbing against each other, you have friction and when we are talking about body parts, friction isn’t always a good thing. Vaginas have the ability to produce their own lubrication, but those vaginas belong to women, and women are human, and humans are not always perfect. Sometimes her coochie doesn’t cooperate and needs a little assistance.

The male schlong does not provide any self-lubrication either. Sure, many guys will rub out a dry one, use spit, or God only knows what lotion or hair conditioner they have available. A good lube makes for a good time while chocking the chicken.

Probably one of the most crucial places for lube is any type of butt play. The human butt (probably goes for other species as well) does not have any form of self-lubrication so if you want to put something in the pooperhatch, it had better be well lubed.

Different Types of Lube

There are hundreds of products on the marker, but they can all be narrowed down into 4 categories:

  • Water Based
  • Silicon Based
  • Hybrid
  • Oil

Water based lubes are probably the most versatile of them all but the downside is that they get absorbed by the body and can dry up faster

Silicon based lubes are known for their silky smooth textures and long lasting effects. The downside is that they can tend to get sticky when they start to dry up. Silicon lubes should also not be use with silicon toys, more on this later.

Hybrid lubes are generally water based with a small amount of silicon added for texture and smoothness.

Oil lubes are pretty much it sounds like, a popular oil lube is Coconut oil, with Almond oil and Olive oil also being crowd favorites.

Lubes and Toys

Not all lubes and toy will play well together, some won’t at all, and others may be a little questionable. Let’s dive into our silky smoothness and see what kind of toys pair with a fine lube.

Just as there are different kinds of lubes, there are generally a handful of materials that they are made from. I am not going to go into every possible material because some, like PVC, while still being used for some sex toys, are NOT body safe. We are going to stick with the body-safe materials for this discussion.

Water Based Lubes
Water based lubes are pretty neutral overall and don’t really react to anything they come in contact with.
Safe for: Silicone, ABS Plastic, Glass, Steel, Wood, Stone, and Latex

Silicon Based Lubes
The only thing that silicon lubes should not be used on is silicon toys. Yes, yes, someone is going to say they use a silicon lube with their silicon toy and there are no issues. Sure, there are certain products that, because of their formulation, are going to be resistant to problems. However, in most cases, using a silicon lube with a silicon toy will leave a gooey mess on the toy and can even cause some toys to absorb it and swell up.
Safe for: ABS Plastic, Glass, Steel, Wood, Stone, and Latex

Oil Based Lubes
Oh to just be natural with nice safe oil made from organic nuts….if only it was that simple. Some oils, like Coconut have a higher Ph value than places such as your lovehole. This Ph imbalance can lead to problems such as a yeast infection. This is not going to be a problem for everyone, so your mileage may vary. The other issue with oils is that they can quickly degrade materials such as latex, causing a condom to fail at the worst possible time.
Safe for: Silicone, ABS Plastic, Glass, Steel, Wood, and Stone

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