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What is this squirting stuff all about?

One of hottest trends going around right now is “squirting”. This is described by some people as being an extreme orgasm of ejaculatory fluids. This started to become popular in the porn industry, which has then led to more people (both male and female) to perfect their squirting orgasms. Now before I get deep into the weeds here and get accused of trying to shame anyone, I want to get a few things clear first.

  1. Some women absolutely love the feeling of squirting. Power to you. I am not trying to shame anyone for anything they enjoy doing.
  2. The point of this article is to provide accurate information because of the vast amount of bad information online
  3. This article is intended to be humous in it’s tone and is not to be taken as trying to degrade anyone
  4. Squirting is often faked in porn to be FAR more excessive than it is in reality
  5. While I may be blunt in this article, the goal was accuracy, and I had no agenda when writing it

What is Squirting

Squirting comes up on Reddit multiple times a day. Someone will ask about it, several people will comment, sometimes, someone will say something like “you know it’s just pee right?” and then others will argue and debate about its from some unknown gland, or from some undiscovered magic reservoir of ejaculate fluid that science has not found yet. Well, I have some bad news for some of you….squirting isn’t exactly what you think it is.

“This type of orgasm includes a rapid ejection of urine from the bladder.” – WebMD

That’s right folks, you are expelling some pee. In discussion forums people will argue this up one side and down another, but there is plenty of medical evidence to back this up.

“squirting being attributed to a sudden expulsion of liquid that partly comes from the bladder and contains urine” – Wikipedia

There is not one single actual medical study of squirting that does not confirm that urine is a significant portion of the squirted liquid. I looked, I spent quite a bit of time because people that I know and respect in the sex education industry told me flat out that it is NOT urine, so I really searched around for any evidence I could find. Unfortunately, the vast majority of articles are referencing a very small number of studies.

Sure, there are women who swear that a squirting orgasm is better than a regular orgasm, and I am not here to argue or debate that in any way. The same goes for men who have figured out how to have a squirting penile orgasm. If you enjoy the feeling, and you don’t mind knowing that you are getting some urine on yourself, your partner, your bed, or whatever else is in the way, then by all means, squirt your brains out. In terms of kinks, a little pee is really on the milder side of things.

“The fluid that’s released during squirting is essentially watered-down urine, sometimes with a bit of ejaculate in it. It comes from the bladder and exits via the urethra, the same as when you pee” – Healthline

As a partner, whose goal it is to make the other person squirt, this was written so you know exactly what you are trying to get….which is basically pee. That said, go for it, enjoy it, reveal in it, experience it for yourself if you want. Our goal is not to talk anyone out of anything they want to do or try, it was only to educate people as to what is actually happening.


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