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How do I help him give better head?

Unfortunately, a lot of what many men know about pleasing a woman comes from watching porn, and that often leads to poor performance in the bedroom. Porn is a show, it is done for the viewer’s entertainment and isn’t always going to be the right approach, especially when it comes to foreplay and giving head (this goes for both men and women).

There are a few ways that you can use to help him become a better performer in the bedroom, hopefully one or more of these will help him become a master of making your kitty purr.

Communication / Feedback

The absolute best way to ensure that he is doing to you, what you need done to you, it to communicate!! This shouldn’t even need to be said, and yet it is the leading cause of people not getting what they want/need. The single best thing you can say is “RIGHT THERE!!” when he gets on the spot. Further down, I have a game/exercise you can do to work on communication and feedback, but the main takeaway for the ladies here is that men are not mind readers and we suck at subtle hints. If you said “Honey, I want your big fat sausage tonight”, we will fire up the BBQ and throw some brawts on. Moaning also doesn’t tell us much, ok, that feels good, but is it good enough. JUST TELL US!! Be specific! But, most importantly, when we are doing exactly the right thing, SAY SO so we don’t keep trying other things to make it better.

Mutual Masturbation

Some of us guys are simply visual learners and watching each other can not only be hot as all fuck, but educational as well. You can watch him paint his pickle while you are buffin’ your muffin and you will both learn how each other likes to be touched. This is a great way to be intimate, tease each other, and get a good idea of what you both like.

The Head Game

I have recommended this technique to many people and they have reported a lot of success with it. Tell him you are going to play a game and have him position his head between your legs. You instruct him that he can only do EXACTLY what you tell him to do.

He has to start by gently licking your inner thigh halfway between your knee and your coochie, then it is up to you to give him explicit instructions: left/right/up/down/faster/slower/harder/softer/etc as you have him slowly work his way to your pink taco. You can also give him instructions on what to do with his fingers as an extra task.

This will not only teach him how to do exactly what you like, but it will teach you how to give good feedback, making for a generally hot experience for both of you.

Discovery+ Good Sex

There is a new show on Discovery+ (AppleTV/Roku and others) called Good Sex. This is easily one of the best sex help shows we have ever watched. The host, a veteran sex therapist, helps couples, and even individuals, to learn new skills, work on communication, and improve their sex lives.

Reading Material

There are two extremely good books that are available on Amazon that are simply excellent for improving the oral game. The first is The Best Oral Sex Ever – His Guide to Going Down. This book teaches different techniques, how to help overcome any woman’s oral sex hangups, how to make cunnilingus the evening’s main course or the first stop in a night of multiple orgasms, and much more.

The second book on our recommended reading list is the Oral Sex Mini Book. This book has 50 erotic oral sex positions to try out. You’ll learn how to tease and please multiple hot spots and have amazing orgasms.


We hope these tips and resources will help you, and him, to have the most mind blowing oral sex you can imagine. If you have any other tips or resources that have worked for you, please put them in the comments below.

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