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Cleaning up for Butt Play

When you knock on poop’s door, sometimes poop will answer. That is simply one of the things you may have to deal with when butt play comes into the equation. However, there are some things you can do to minimize the risk of encountering body chocolate.

Anal Enema

An anal enema or douche is one of the easiest ways of cleaning out your Scat Cave. Using only warm water, a couple of rinses (or until the water comes out clean) is a simple way of preventing Hershey marks on whatever you are inserting. Two things to look for in a good anal enema tool are a soft tip for easier and pain-free insertion, and a one-way valve to prevent sucking dookie water back into the device.

Fiber For The Win

Taking a good fiber supplement will help keep your stool together so it comes out cleaner and makes for less residual doodoo residue inside your dung canal. A cheap and very effective fiber supplement is Psyllium Husks. A jar can be purchased cheaply online or in any drug store and is usually mixed with some drink first thing in the morning. While psyllium husk can generally be mixed with just about anything, and I think it works great with a protein shake, one thing that does not work well is mixing it with coffee, this turned the whole cup in a gelatinous pile of goop. If you want to spare yourself the hassle of mixing it into something, the capsules are a great alernative.

Healthy Diet

Of course, a good diet with little carbs and as free as possible from greasy foods will certainly help keep your poop chute as clean as possible.

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