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How to give great oral to a woman

While the majority of the posts here are written by me (a guy), I ran across this on Reddit and asked if I could repost it here. The original author wishes to remain anonymous, so I won’t mention who wrote it, but I certainly appreciate being able to use it, and I welcome anyone that would like to submit article content.

I enjoy performing oral sex on women. Probably one of my favorite things to do. Based on the reaction of my partners I feel like I’ve mastered it. Here’s a step by step guide on how to give multiple orgasms with just 2 fingers and your mouth.

The Step by Step Guide

  1. Locate the clit. Sometimes you may have to use your non dominant hand to lift the little hood thing up to expose it but most times not.
  2. Start licking it (her clit) with slow long licks. Think about licking an ice cream cone but way more pressure
  3. Use your middle finger to penetrate her while still licking. Be gentle she’s still really tight and tense at this point don’t force it or be too rough. Go in and out slowly. Feel around her walls.
  4. Now insert your index finger with your middle finger (Still licking). Rotate your hand to where your palm is facing upwards with both fingers still inserted. Now do a come here motion with both fingers. If you don’t know what I mean curl both fingers towards you repeatedly. You should be rubbing the top wall of her vagina with those two fingers.
  5. Change your licking to a sucking. Suck on her clit like you’re trying to drink a really thick milkshake through a straw except more tongue involved. Suck and relieve pressure interchangeably. If you’re doing it right it should make a smooching noise when you remove pressure. Keep doing the finger motion from the previous step. This particular motion tends to make girls squirt if they are capable. Don’t be alarmed or grossed out if you feel a rush of fluids that may taste salty or otherwise have a sour twang to it.
  6. At this point she should be close to her first orgasm if she hasn’t came already. When she starts shaking, sounding like she’s crying, says she’s about to cum, or her pussy tenses up real hard don’t change what you’re doing. Don’t change the speed motion or anything once you know she’s about to cum. (unless she says stop or something)
  7. Now that she’s came once already she’s fully aroused and everything is fair game as far as gentle vs fast and rough. Now you can lick her clit fast and finger her fast. Think a cat drinking water but maybe faster. Use your two fingers to go in and out fast and deep. Your hand should be facing the same way it would if you’re making a finger gun except with two fingers sticking out instead of one. But remember, faster doesn’t always mean better. Pay more attention to motion than speed. If she doesn’t seem pleased with fast and rough fingering then slow things down again.
  8. At this point just use a different variation of all the tongue and finger techniques described here while paying attention to what she responds the most to. You’ll be able to tell which way she enjoys the most trust me.
  9. Don’t overdo it. Once she’s soaked and you’ve made her cum a couple times go straight into actual sex. Asking her to return the favor right after you go down on her slows the heat of the moment down. Get yours mid way through the encounter or at the end. Hell maybe get yours before you even go down on her or not at all if head isn’t important to you. I prefer getting head in the middle of sex because it’s like a break. Gives me time to stretch out and catch my breath while still feeling pleasure.


If you follow these steps you will make any girl come back for more and think you’re very experienced/ know your way around a woman’s body. Also if you make her cum this way before you even put your dick in her she won’t care how long you last. Of course try to avoid 3 minutes or less if possible but if you bust quick she won’t care much at all really because she’s already had multiple orgasms.

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