Sexy Fun Advice Lube Do You Like it Hot or Cold? LubeLife Sensations Kit Review

Do You Like it Hot or Cold? LubeLife Sensations Kit Review

For anyone that reads our articles on a regular basis, you should already know we are huge proponents of lube. I wouldn’t say we are full-on lube experts, but we certainly know our way around the bottles. We have specific lubes for vaginal sex, anal play, toys, and for polishing the pole….our lives seemed rather complete. We were then sent a LubeLife Sensation Kit to try out which includes both a warming lube and a cooling lube. Now, i have tried warming lubes before, and it felt like my balls were on fire, so I have to admit that going into this was done with more than a little hesitation.

Hot or Cold – How Does it Work?

One of the things that LubeLife prides itself on is that their products are safe. While some brands of warming or cooling lubes use different chemical reactions to create the sensations, while LubeLife uses plant extracts.

Let’s Get Hot

The warming gel uses Capsicum Frutescens to create the warming sensation. So what is Capsicum Frutescens? It is a chili pepper, and one variety of it is the key ingredient in Tabasco Sauce. Anyone that has chopped chili peppers and found their hands burning afterwards might be getting a little nervous at this point. To be honest, I’m not sure if I like the idea of putting liquid chili pepper on my, or my partner’s privates or not, but, we do need to get busy and do some testing…you know…for science.

Chill Out

A chilling lube will typically use menthol or other mint-type component, LubeLife uses Mentha Piperita, which is a fancy way of saying Peppermint. I have never used a cooling lube before, so I think this will be an interesting product to try out.

Let’s Get To Some Testing

First off, I want to preface this with “your mileage may vary” as different people can have different reactions to the chili peppers or the peppermint. Some people will find it pretty tame, others may find it too intense, so the best we can do is give our impressions of each product. We want to figure out about how long the sensation lasts and how intense it is, as well as how well it actually acts as a lube.

Sensation Testing

Our goal of the sensation testing was to get a sense of the intensity and duration. I took a small amount of the cooling gel and rubbed it on my inner thigh. I never felt any sensation at all. I repeated this with the warming gel on the other leg and within about 20 seconds I could feel the warming feeling. The effect was pretty mild and, using a stopwatch, it lasted right around 11 minutes.

For a second round, I decided to try it on something a bit more sensitive. I took a decent drop of the cooling gel and rubbed it onto the head of penis. Right away I could feel the cool, tingling sensation. For a full 15 minutes the feeling kept going. The best way to describe it is like rubbing an ice cube on the spot, but only about 20% as intense.

Since the cooling gel worked so well, I washed up and tried the warming gel. This came on a little slower, maybe around 20 seconds or so. I am struggling with trying to describe the feeling. I suppose “warming” is the closest to any other way to describe it, combined with what can best be called a stinging feeling. This is a very interesting sensation, it’s not intense, it is just enough to feel really pleasant. With the warming gel, the feeling lasted 16 minutes and then began tapering off for the next few minutes.


If you want to add a little spice (or mint) to your lube usage, the Sensations line might be exactly what you are looking for. You can expect the sensations to last about 15 minutes before you would need to add some more to keep the feeling going. Aside from the warming/cooling effect, these are basic water-based lubes and don’t have extra sugar that could cause a problem for vagina-owners. Being water-based, they are toy-safe as well.

At only $14.44, the Sensation kit is an affordable lube solution that some people are really going to enjoy. Be sure and go to for more information.

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