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My New Favorite Anal Lube! LubeLife Gel Review

Lube is lube is lube is lube right? Well no, not at all. Different types of lube are great for different applications. The same way you don’t use the same thing to grease tire bearings as you do for engine oil, different applications require different types of lubrication. When it comes to personal lubrication, the same holds true. What is good for vaginal use is different from anal use, certain toys like different types of lube as well. When it comes to butt play and prostate toys, finding the perfect product has felt a little elusive.

Why Do You Want Anal Specific Lube?

Unlike the vagina that provides its own lubrication fluids, your dark cave of wonder has pretty much nothing to help out. A good lube for anal play needs to provide great lubrication and needs to last a long time as there is nothing to keep it moisturized for it to last longer. My favorites for backdoor play have been LubeLife Anal Lube and the very popular, plain old coconut oil. While these have both been extremely good, I still felt I wanted something that would last longer but not be so messy, like Crisco. While I had pretty resigned to the fact that what I had was good enough, it didn’t stop me from wanting something a little better.

LubeLife Gel

What would make for a perfect anal lube? First, it would be water-based, this would make for easier cleanup. Second, it would be thicker so it would last longer, and “adhere” to toys better. Finally, it would have a super smooth texture that helped things move nicely. Well, LubeLife totally delivered on that with the new LubeLife Gel Lubricant. LubeLife Gel not only checks all of the boxes for me, it is non-staining, FDA cleared, and is made in the USA. As soon as I saw this, I knew I wanted to give it a try and see it it performed as good as they claim.

Putting It To The Test

For my first test, I decided to use one of my favorite toys, the Aneros Peredise, being hard plastic, a good lube will make it more comfortable but it also needs to be able to move freely to provide good sphincter stimulation. As I applied some lube to the Peredise, the gel is extremely thick, this is quite welcome as everything else will just drip quickly off of it. The LubeLife Gel stuck to it and didn’t run or drip at all. After inserting the Peredise, you could feel it moving around very smoothly, creating nice waves of pleasure as it slipped and slid back and forth.

For the second test, I wanted to try some silicon, so I got out the Aneros Helix, again, the gel adhered to it perfectly. With other liquid lubes, they would just sheet right off of the Helix’s silicon, but the gel lube, once again, did run or drip at all. The gel felt simply amazing and allowed the Helix to move around perfectly for some amazing prostate stimulation.


While you may well like the LubeLife Gel for other purposes, I feel its strength is with anal play. Since you don’t lose any lube from dripping or run-off, more of the lube stays where you want it. Its thick consistency last for a long time without feeling like it is taking away from its lubrication qualities. For such a thick lube, it is surprising how well it allows toys to move around. If you have been a fan of thicker products like coconut oil, Boy Butter, or Crisco, you might want to give the new LubeLife Gel Lubricant a try. At only $10 for a tube of it, you really can’t go wrong by giving it a try.

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