Sexy Fun Advice Toys Toy Review: Aneros Peredise

Toy Review: Aneros Peredise

Before we get into what the Aneros Peredise is, we need to discuss what it isn’t. The Peredise is not a prostate massager, nor is it a butt plug. It is a unique device that is used for both strengthening your pelvic floor as well as providing stimulation of the anus. Since the Peredise is not like most of the other Aneros products, it is distinctly uni-sex because of how it is to be used.

Aren’t PC exercises just for women?

While kegel exercises are often recommended for women, especially after childbirth, they are also hugely beneficial for men as it can help you control your orgasms as well as help create more powerful orgasms. The Peredise helps you to exercise the PC muscles by both voluntarily doing contractions with it, as well as it creating involuntary contractions.


I think a lot of people discount the Peredise because you actually get two products, a large one and a smaller one, for less than $20. So how can something so inexpensive, and seemingly so basic, be worth getting? I’ll go ahead and spoil the review right here by saying it is WELL worth several times more and I would gladly have paid double the price for it.


  • Tip width (Small): 0.70 in
  • Insertable length (Small): 3.5 in
  • Tip width (Large): 0.86 in
  • Insertable length (Large): 3.6 in


  • ABS Plastic


Using the Peredise really couldn’t be easier, just lube it up (more on this later) and slowly insert the tip, and then let your sphincter muscles contract and pull the rest in. I suggest just letting it sit for a few minutes as you relax and just get used to it. Start with some slow contractions and let it do its thing.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, the larger size is the trainer size, this one will help you learn how to use it and get your body familiar with the sensations and develop involuntary contractions. Once you are proficient with the larger one, then move to the smaller one as it will take more muscle tone to move around, that you developed with the larger size.

One thing I have learned about the Peredise is that the choice of lube can make a big difference, in my experience, the thicker the better. A very light water-based lube just didn’t seem to do much. I moved to a thicker water-based anal lube, LubeLife Anal, and found the sensations to be better. The best results I had was with Coconut oil and others have reported that Shea Butter or Boy Butter worked best for them.

My Experience

Since the Peredise was very inexpensive, I bought it early on during my prostate journey and, to be honest, it did nothing for me. At that point, I hadn’t learned muscle control and hadn’t got to the point where anal stimulation brought any pleasure yet. After doing some research, it really turns out that the Peredise isn’t a beginner’s toy and the vast majority of negative comments come from people with no previous anal experience. The Peredise requires that you already enjoy some anal play and have worked on muscle control already.

We turn the clock forward a few months and I am at the point that I really enjoy prostate stimulation and anal play and I decided to try the Peredise again. I started with the larger one and almost instantly felt sensations in my sphincter and my penis started twitching. Just sitting at my desk, my legs were shaking like I was standing naked in a walk-in freezer. The sensation at my sphincter was radiating in waves throughout my body. If I had to try to describe what it feels like, I would say its like a small finger tickling both sides of your sphincter at the same time.

Having learned that the smaller one is for more advanced users, I stuck with the large one for about a month to really get the hang of it. Since I was getting such good results, I decided to try the small one.

To say that I was surprised with the small one is a drastic understatement. The sensations were seriously strong. For some reasons, the small unit created what felt like much faster contractions resulting is a much more intense feeling.

A prostate massager has a very different effect for me. With a prostate massager, I get the leg shaking at first and then I can feel the sensations originating from the prostate and working their way out. With the Peredise, the primary sensation is from the sphincter as it is going through involuntary spasms, and me penis twitches like crazy, but without leaking pre-cum like a prostate toy creates.


While the Aneros Peredise is one of MY favorite toys, the key is that it took some time to kind of figure it out, but once I did, the results were awesome. You have to go into this with with proper expectations. Don’t shove it up your butt and expect miracles. The Peredise is great when used as part of an anal journey of discovery. It will strengthen your PC muscles as well as provide some pleasure along the way. It is not going to be for everyone, but at the price point, it’s worth trying out.

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