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Toy Review: Heavy Hitters Prostate Massager

The thing about prostate stimulation is that it can really be a hit or miss thing and there is FAR more nuance to it than just thrusting a dildo in and out. The prostate is not directly accessible, you need something with the right shape and length to push on the anal wall and stimulate the prostate. I have tried a handful of different products, and while I could get a “good” feeling from some of them, I never really felt like anything really hit the spot. What I knew was that I wanted something that had some size and weight, as well as the right shape, without being TOO big. Having bought other products from Extreme Restraints before, I was intrigued by their Heavy Hitters Prostate Plugs. I do want to mention that I am not sponsored by them, I didn’t receive any discount, and this was purchased with my own money, so my opinions are my own, and I doubt they will ever see this review from my little website here.


The Heavy Hitters are made from a soft, body friendly silicon, they have a great texture that cleans easily and takes lubes nicely. The plugs have two separate weights inside to put pressure right where it needs to be and the curved shape feels like it was custom made for my body.

The weights in the Heavy Hitters….oh man, this is just magic right here. If you walk around with this in, it is really hard to focus on anything else. The weight pulling down, combined with the curved hitting just the right spot, all I can say is DAMN!!!

I went with the medium size, which has the following dimensions:

  • Overall length: 6.4 inches
  • Bulb length: 4.3 inches
  • Neck length: 1.3 inches
  • Total insertable: 5.6 inches
  • Bulb diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Base length: 4.3 inches


If you are new to anal play, the medium size may be a bit intimidating at first, when I opened the box, I was taken back a little as I expected something just a little smaller as I am not expert in the ways of butt play. For someone newer to shoving things into your backdoor, something like an Aneros Helix might be a good starting point, but I was not going to be beat by a chunk of silicon wrapped steel. I got myself as ready as I could, I cleaned up, and got into the right mindset, lubed myself and the plug up and decided to take the plunge. I have to admit, the first time I wondered if this was even possible, but I just kept some mild pressure and could feel it work its way in as I got more and more relaxed. Pretty soon I was down to the last of the bottom bulge and my sphincter did a little involuntary contraction and sucked it the rest of the way in. Oh boy! I may have even gasped a little as it popped in quicker than I was expecting and I could instantly feel the bulk and weight inside. I walked around a little to get used to the feeling of it being inside and could feel it pulling down and it was on just the right spot. I had to lay down and I tried working it with my sphincter muscles, but I just couldn’t concentrate enough as the feeling of “fullness” was a bit distracting.

On the third try, I figured I was just going to use it to warm up and try some other toys I had laying around to test out, I was far more comfortable this time as I laid down on the bed with my knees up. I was able to use my sphincter muscles to pull it in more and then slowly release as it eased back down. On the third time, as I was releasing, I felt a wild sensation and I just held it right there, within moments my legs were shaking like crazy followed by an intense full body experience. During about a 30 minute session, I managed to achieve this about 4 times. With my body quivering and my legs weak, I decided I had enough and needed to stop. This was easily the most intense prostate orgasm I have had to date.

I have not tried any long-term wear with it yet, I have a little bit of anxiety as even walking around the house, the weight of the Heavy Hitter is pulling down pretty good, and I want to try it more around the house before going out anywhere until I am confident that I won’t sneeze or something and cause it to pop out. I am also a little bit concerned about how effective it is and I really don’t want to end up having a crazy orgasm while I am driving, or walking around in public somewhere…..yes…this is a real concern!!!


While I will say that I am not expert in prostate play or anal play, the Heavy Hitter absolutely did the trick for me. The size, even of the medium, is a little on the large side for a beginner, and it did take a few sessions to feel really comfortable with it, I am glad I chose the medium over a small size, and I a REALLY glad I didn’t go with one of the larger sizes just yet. If you are interested in prostate play, or want something pretty “filling” to help you work up to something like pegging, then I have to recommend the Heavy Hitter lineup. The product is extremely well designed, is super high quality, and is VERY affordable with the medium size costing only $22.95!!

Heavy Hitters Comfort Plugs at Extreme Restraints

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