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Silicon Anal Training Kit Review

If you are wanting to get into some butt play, a good anal training kit can be a good idea to get used to something being up inside the poop chute. A kit with several different sizes will allow you to move up in size as you learn to relax and accept larger toys. Silicon toys are often suggested as they are flexible, softer, cheaper, and easy to use and clean.

All that being said, there is a cheap silicon anal training kit available from Amazon that I have seen linked to numerous times, but….is it any good.

The Pros

As mentioned above, this kit is inexpensive and is made from soft silicone and has 6 different toys included in the package. The sizes are a very good range from very small to relatively hefty and there is an anal beads toy included as well.

The plug style toys are soft and with some water-based lube are mostly easy to insert. The largest size may take some working up to though as the bulb on the bottom is fairly girthy.

The Cons

There are several issues I have with this kit that caused it to make a quick trip to the garbage bin, and I suggest you read through these carefully and look for these potential issues in any anal toy you wish to use.

  1. The handles on the plugs are VERY flexible and can EASILY fold downwards allowing the toy to get sucked up into your rectum. If the toy gets completely sucked up, you will likely require a visit to an emergency room for surgical removal
  2. The handles all had splits where the handle connects to the stem, if this tore more during use, the handle could come off allowing the toy to shoot past your chocolate starfish like a rocket, again, requiring surgical removal
  3. The anal beads themselves are rather hard while the “string” connecting them is the same jelly-like material as the other toys. This combination makes it damned near impossible to insert unless you had just removed a larger plug and could get them into your gaping hole quickly.


While there is a chance we simply received defective units with the cut in the stem, the rest of the issues would have been more than enough to toss these into the trash. Sure, they are inexpensive, but you get what you pay for and I can only recommend that you stay far, far away from this particular set, or anything like it.

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