Sexy Fun Advice Toys Dark Invader Metal and Silicone Anal Plug (Large)

Dark Invader Metal and Silicone Anal Plug (Large)

It’s hard to beat the feeling of a good size and weighty butt plug and the Dark Invader (Large) will fit that bill as good as anything. The large size has an insertable length of 3.5 inches with a girthy diameter of 1.6 inches. This bad boy is not for a beginner, the medium size at 1.3 inches is going to be easier for someone new to butt plugs to work with. With a little lube, this meaty plug will invade your poop cavern without too much trouble. Pushing out on your butthole will help it get into place. Rest assured, that once it is in, there is zero fear of it falling out on its own.

The silicone T-handle fits nicely between your cheeks with no chance of ever getting sucked into your poop pocket unless you have just passed a bowling ball out. The handle is curved nicely and is very comfortable for long duration wear.

I will admit, I was a little concerned about how the silicon handle is connected to the rest of the metal body, should the base ever come off, you will need to become friends with the on-call surgeon at the local hospital. The handle feels very secure, so I don’t think this is a real concern, but I wish I knew how they were actually mated together.

The heavy weight of the plug gives a solid sensation although I could never feel it touch my prostate area. Still, for some anal training and possible pegging warm-up, this is a solid choice.

At only $21.95, at the time of this writing, from Extreme Restraints, the Dark Invader is a bargain of a butt plug. With good care of the silicon base, the Dark invader should be ready and able to pierce into your darkness for years to come.

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