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Dark Invader Metal Butt Plug (Medium)

Early on I had purchased the Dark Invader Metal Butt Plug (Large) and while I enjoyed it, I often felt it was just a little too big for me. There were a few times that I just couldn’t get it inserted or it was a but uncomfortable getting out. I finally decided to try the next size down and see how well it would work for me, so I headed over to Extreme Restraints and ordered the medium size.


I have always recommended the Dark Invader series because of their unique design. The “plug” part is Nickel free aluminum alloy while the base is a large T-bar handle made from body safe silicon. The T-handle is very comfortable for long term wear and removes any chance of the plug being pull into your chocolate starfish.

The medium size plug has an overall length 4 inches, insertable length 3 inches, and a widest diameter 1.3 inches.


If you are going to try to wear a plug for several hours, your lube choice is going to be important as you don’t want to get dried out and end up with some chaffing. For this, I really like using coconut oil or even food shortening, as those can last a LONG time. Another option I like is the LubeLife Toy Lube with a decent amount being put in first with a lube shooter.

The medium plug went in very easily and locked into place. Walking around was very comfortable and there was no fear of it coming out. The silicone T-handle is extremely comfortable and essentially unnoticeable, this means there are no distractions that interfere with the sensations.


Holy anal contractions! It didn’t take very long and I was getting pretty strong contractions from my anus. The Dark Invader felt like it was vibrating back and forth like crazy, pretty much feeling like my ass was getting finger banged. The inserted plug has a great weight for its size and as it drops down onto the internal sphincter, my body would contract and push it back up, and this just kept repeating with spasms that wear making my legs shake like I had just ran a double marathon. As I was sitting at my desk, trying my best to focus on work, the anal orgasms hit with vengeance making it exceptionally difficult to focus on my work. My prostate was going wild and my dick was twitching every once in a while.

While I do enjoy my favorite prostate toys, this was easily the most intense anal stimulation I have ever had.


I really cannot recommend the Dark Invader series high enough. The metal plug is well designed, and being solid metal, you can experiment with heating it up and chilling it for some fun temperature play. For beginners, the small size is great to experiment with and is only $14.95, with the medium being $18.95. For more advanced users, the large comes in at $21.95.

The wide T-Handle is securely attached so the Dark Invaders are probably one of the safest plugs to use, as well as being the most comfortable plugs I have ever tried.

For anyone looking at getting a butt plug, or upgrading from their existing ones, you simply cannot go wrong with the Dark Invader series. Check them out at Extreme Restraints.

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