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Coconut Oil Do’s and Dont’s

Should You Use Coconut Oil as a Lube?

Good coconut oil is a great lube for certain applications. It is generally toy safe and anal safe. The feel is not ultra slippery like some synthetic lubes so the feeling can be quite pleasurable. For men, coconut oil as a lube for masturbation is usually considered to be very nice as you don’t lose sensation like you can with other lubes. For anal use, it is considered to be safe and long lasting.

For a vaginal lube, things are not quite as simple. coconut oil generally has a higher Ph than the vagina, so this can cause problems for some women, so play it safe when using inside the vagina. If you have any issues, discontinue the use for this purpose. We generally recommend a water-based lube for the lady parts.

Coconut Oil Usage

A little bit can go a long way, and most coconut oil products will be in a solid state at room temperature so you need to scoop out a little and use body heat to turn it into a liquid. For anal play, moving from the jar to the anus while still solid can help you get a decent amount of internal lubrication going with little effort.

Recommended Product

You do not need to spend a lot of money on coconut oil, a decent brand, even the Amazon brand will work perfectly.

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