Sexy Fun Advice Toys Putemo Thrusting Prostate Massager Review

Putemo Thrusting Prostate Massager Review

The Putemo thrusting prostate massager features multiple vibration settings and multiple thrusting settings along with a remote control and bluetooth app control. The device is made from high quality silicone and is waterproof for shower play.

So let’s get into the good first, and the only good things about this device are the super powerful motors that were probably taken off the Tesla assembly line as they seem to have a ludicrous amount of horsepower. The app (Love Spouse) design is actually pretty good and provides a lot more individual control over the vibrations and thrusting than the unit itself or the remote control.

However….aside from those two pluses, there is more to dislike about this crazy powerful device.

Let’s start with the size. With a girth of 1.4″, this is not for the faint of heart. Beginner toys are usually less than 1.2″, so you may need to work up to a beastie toy like this one. The thrusting distance is about 0.39″, which, while that doesn’t sound like much, it quite a bit when it’s in your poo hole.

Sure, if you are an intermediate or advanced butt toy connoisseur, then the size, and even power of this big guy may not be an issue.

However….what IS an issue is the design of the unit itself. There very little difference between the main section and where it connects to the base, this means there is nothing to “lock it in place”. As soon as you hit the thrusting controls, you had better not have your anus cannon aimed at anything precious as this baby will damned near shoot out of your exhaust port.

The only way you could use the thrusting motion is if your starfish can practically bend steel. As for the vibrations, while there are 7 vibration modes, the only difference is the pattern, the intensity is on par with the sub-woofers at an AC/DC concert. Oh yes, the vibrations will most certainly rock your world, but as a prostate massager, you need something that is subtle, not something that can turn diamonds into baby powder. This demon-massager will rattle your insides so hard that it will be difficult to walk.

I suppose there is someone out there that could get some enjoyment out of this, but for me, it is just so over-the-top that I just couldn’t handle it.

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