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Happiness Dance Automatic Stroker

I’ll admit that I had never had any interest in an automated stroker before so I decided to give this one a try when they offered to send me one. As it arrived, I started to get a little excited about having an intense orgasm with very little effort, so I was “up to the challenge” so to speak.


The masturbator is not small at over 8″ tall and 4.3″ deep, but the handle should provide a solid means of holding onto it. There are two different ways to control the speed, the first is by turning the unit on and then tapping on the power button, this will toggle through 3 different speed modes. The other way to control the speed is the other button, the harder you press on it, the faster it goes.

The inner liner has some interesting textures and is easily removable for cleaning. A magnetic connection for the charger fits onto the bottom of the unit after unscrewing the bottom of the handle.


The first obstacle here is actually charging the unit. The magnetic connector will fall off if there is even a hint of a breeze 100 miles away. I swear, I don’t know if I ever even got a full charge on it because the connector would just fall off constantly. Since you have to unscrew the bottom cover, why not just make it a USB connector so it will reliably charge? This is a major design flaw here.

Powering it on and going through the speeds seems like it will work well enough, so I used some good water-based lube and stuck my penis in it, powered up the unit, and hit the first speed….I got about half a stroke and it just stopped. I tried the other speeds with basically the same result. The motor just doesn’t seem powerful enough to get the job done. I would say that my penis is pretty average in size, I don’t have excessive girth or anything to brag about. I felt like I had used enough lube, but it just wasn’t working. We discussed it here and my fiancé suggested I try charging it again to try to make sure it had a full charge. Of course, this took me back to the first issue. The magnet is so weak, it won’t even hold the weight of the connector itself, so you have to position the cord in a way that helps hold the connector in place.

After making sure the unit had a full charge, it was time to try it again. It seems a little odd to work at getting myself hard and then just not finishing, but this time I used a generous amount of Wet Gold Hybrid lube to see if that would get things working better, and sure enough, it started stroking away. It felt pretty good and awkward at the same time to basically just stand there trying to hold this thing steady and just letting it do its job. But…do its job it did. Yeah, it got me off but at the same time I felt mostly “meh” about it. It wasn’t some mind blowing orgasm that left me with my legs shaking, it was just….ok I came.


I think I just am going to chalk this up to, this just isn’t for me. Some guys may find it amazing and that’s great if they do. I can only speak from my personal experience here. While it worked, I just wasn’t “into it”, it just seemed so mechanical and the noise and having to hold the handle still was distracting. Another thing to note was that the amount of lube needed to get the action moving smoothly was probably 2-3 times what I would use with just my hand, so factoring in a LOT of lube for regular use is something to consider.

At the end of the day, it does what it is is supposed to do, whether you like it or not is just going to be something for you to decide. Aside from the charging port issue, I don’t want to knock the product too bad because it does what it says it will do, I think my lack of enthusiasm for it is more of a “me” problem than an “it” problem. At 57 years old, I think I just might be a little too set in my ways to let myself enjoy this as much as I had wanted to.


  • Fairly inexpensive compared to name brands
  • Available on Amazon
  • Easy to clean


  • The charging port is a serious design flaw
  • Device is fairly loud – You will NOT be discreet while using it
  • Lots of lube needed

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